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Living Massage is a locally owned business serving the Lake Travis and surrounding Hill Country area. 

At Living Massage we offer a variety of modalities to choose from, however we specialize in ashiatsu. Ashiatsu is a deep and therapeutic form of barefoot massage. If you often ask for your therapist to go deeper, then this is the massage for you!

Our therapists are talented, seasoned experts who are passionate about providing transformational bodywork through a customized approach to suit the specific needs of each client. 

Our Mission Is To Help Each One Of Our Clients Heel The Pain Of Daily Living! 

"Great Massage Exists On The Border Of Art And Science: It Requires Training And Experience, Yet Cannot Be Taught. The Quality Of A Massage Is Measured Not By The Price Of The Service Or The Glamour Of The Environment But By The Skill And The Connection Made By The Individual Therapist."